Dorpat convention centre

Turu str 2, Tartu 51013, ESTONIA
Opening of the Dorpat Convention Centre is a bow to our hometown – the university town of Tartu. University of Tartu, previously called Academia Dorpatensis, was founded in 1632 by the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf. In 2008, we asked the help of alma mater in finding the names for the ten halls of the Dorpat Convention Centre, and now you are taken to the seminar in the room bearing the name of G. F. Parrot, the Rector and Professor of Academia Dorpatensis at the beginning of the 19th Century, or to the conference hall for 500 guests bearing the name of Fr. G. W. Struve, the Professor of astronomy and geodesy.

The opportunities of the Dorpat Convention Centre in organising conferences and fairs, receptions and banquets are modern and excellent. An inspiring and calm daily atmosphere and a festive evening atmosphere, and a professional and motivated staff are at your service.
Dorpat convention centre
Turu 2, Tasku centre 4th floor, Tartu 51013

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