Privacy policy of AS Estiko for processing personal data

AS Estiko (hereinafter the Estiko) is a legal person with registry code 10000356 and legal address at Turu 2-603, 51004 Tartu.

This privacy policy covers the collection, processing and use of personal data of the customers, website visitors and digital service users of Estiko in relation with offering and provision of services by Estiko.

The privacy policy contains general information regarding the data Estiko collects and processes for the aforementioned purposes. The privacy policy is applied to processing personal data of natural persons.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal data are data that may be used to identify persons and that Estiko collects to offer and provide services, to protect its rights and for marketing purposes. Personal data are primarily collected directly from persons before and after customer relationship or another contractual relationship. We also receive data from other reliable parties and public registers.

The objective of collecting and processing personal data

Estiko collects your personal data for specified, explicit and legitimate purposesEstiko does not distribute, forward, change or use in a non-prescribed manner the personal data trusted therewith, except for in cases of a relevant agreement with the person or if the need to disclose information follows from valid legislation.

Rights of the person

The person has a right to request, at any time, a copy of data that Estiko has collected about him or her and to demand the amendment of personal data.

A person who wishes his or her data to be erased may submit the relevant application at any time by sending an e-mail at or posting a letter at Turu 2-603, Tartu 51004.

The person has the right to transfer his or her personal data to another controller. Please send these requests at in written and signed form.

The person has the right to file a complaint regarding data processing by Estiko with a supervisory authority of data protection.

Protection and security of personal data

All personal data that become known to Estiko upon making transactions with the person are treated as confidential information.

Access to personal data is granted exclusively to relevant employees of Estiko and authorised parties that provide services to Estiko (e.g., server and cloud service providers; postal and transport companies), who are obligated to keep the shared information confidential.

Personal data may be disclosed to other companies in the same group to the extent permitted in the law for customer service administration purposes and other issues related to customer service, but also for risk management, if necessary. Processing of personal data within the group is limited to the necessary number of people and disclosure of sensitive data is prohibited.

Data may be disclosed to the authorities for reasonable needs.

Storage of personal data

Estiko stores personal data until it is necessary for meeting the purpose of their collection, for protecting the rights of Estiko and until it is required pursuant to legal acts.

Collection and use of non-personal data

Non-personal data are data that cannot be related to any specific person (age, gender, residence). On its website, Estiko uses cookies that collect general statistics about the website traffic. Estiko does not observe the actions and traffic of individual persons on the website.

A cookie is a text file sent and saved on the user’s computer by websites the user visits. A cookie is saved in the file directory of the user’s web browser. In case the client has visited the website before, the browser reads the cookie and forwards relevant data to the website or element that initially saved the cookie. Additional information about cookies is available at

A website user has the right to forbid the use of cookies. In this case, the user must change the browser settings.

Changing the privacy policy of processing personal data

Upon forwarding personal data to Estiko or upon using the website of Estiko, the person has read and agreed to the privacy policy of Estiko for processing personal data. Estiko preserves the right to change the privacy policy. The relevant notification shall be posted on Estiko’s website and the valid privacy policy of processing personal data is always available on the website of Estiko at

In case you have any questions about the privacy policy of processing personal data or data processing, please do not hesitate to contact Estiko by e-mail at or by post at Turu 2-603, Tartu 51004.