2021 at Estiko Group is a Year of Green Actions

We have dedicated the year 2021 at Estiko Group to green actions. Throughout this year our focus will be on inspiring people, teams, and companies to think and act sustainably. All together we are becoming greener for the sake of our close ones, our home, our country and our planet.

”For several years our motto has been to think big and act green. Now, we are dedicating the year 2021 specifically to green actions in order to work even more consciously towards reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining sustainable life conditions around us.”


Growing sustainable together

The program of the Year of Green Actions brings together and includes all 317 employees of Estiko Group. The year is filled with countless group events along with exciting individual challenges. We will educate ourselves with various lectures, get rid of our digital waste, have thematic movie nights, we will plant a forest, have weeks where we don’t use our cars. We will consume less, recycle more than ever and do so much more.

We believe that the Year of Green Actions has a great potential to also reduce our personal environmental footprints. A more sustainable life is only possible by including every single one of us and being ready to actually change our habits.

Turning green ideas into green actions

The Year of Green Actions literally means a year full of green actions. Not only do we think sustainably, but we’ll also bring our ideas to life! Whether it’s switching to renewable energy, improving our recycling systems, calling into life new projects with our partners, consuming less or increasing biodiversity by bringing bees to live on the rooftop of Lydia Hotel.

We will continue to measure the impact of our actions and keep our carbon emissions as low as possible.

Looking ahead

In 2021 we are for the first time putting together a sustainability strategy, which will tie together the core values, principles and longterm goals of Estiko Group. The strategy will give one direction to the whole group within 4 operating areas - production of packages and packaging materials, development and management of real estate, accommodation services, and energy production.

The Year of Green Actions is the first thematic year brought to life at Estiko Group, a tradition we will pursue in the upcoming years with varying themes. However, thinking and acting sustainably has been and always will remain a fundamental mission for Estiko Group.