Published: 21.06.2024
Estiko receives Supporter of Public Defenders recognition
On June 18th at Lille Pavilion, 113 Estonian companies and organisations received the Supporter of Public Defenders recognition for their contribution to supporting reservists in Estonia’s national defence. Estiko Group is proud to be among the companies that received this silver-level recognition for the second consecutive year. 
Published: 25.03.2024
Rapid development continues in Estiko Raadi solar park
On March 22, the rafter party was held in Estiko solar park in Raadi developed by Estiko Energy. By summer of 2024, the solar park with planned capacity of 100 MW will be scheduled to feed its first electricity into the grid to supply green electricity to approximately half of the households in the city of Tartu.
Published: 12.04.2018
Tartu Kalev/Estiko insured a place in the semi-final.
Tartu Kalev/Estiko won against Tamsalu in the decisive game of the first league quarter-finals held yesterday and insured a place in the semi-final. 
Published: 02.04.2018
“The Selis want to build a new business park next to Lõunakeskus,”
Published: 27.03.2018
Public mental health campaign “Black Snow” at Tasku centre
Published: 26.03.2018
Tartu Kalev/Estiko in the Saku I league play-off series!
Published: 22.03.2018
Tartu Kalev/Estiko vs Kohila SK/Webware
Published: 22.03.2018
Tartu Kalev/ESTIKO vs Kohila SK/Webware 87:65
Published: 21.03.2018
Tartu City Government launched the Riia 142 detailed plan for the construction of office buildings.
Published: 16.03.2018
Eesti Energia to build Estiko’s first solar power plant on the roof of Tasku.
Published: 10.03.2018
The annual spring vocational competition “Achievement of the Year 2018."
Published: 09.03.2018
The Wind Sculpted Land. This winter will rejoice nature film makers
ERR / Estonian Public Broadcasting
Published: 22.02.2018
Women’s first league is offering an exciting show as just one round before the end of the main tournament, top three teams are separated by only two points.
ERR/Estonian National Broadcasting
Published: 27.11.2017
Silver Leppik is back in Tartu and is now playing for the front league team Tartu Kalev/Estiko.
Published: 11.10.2017
The group company Estiko supports the production of the nature film “The Wind Sculpted Land” by Joosep Matjus
A hundred years of the Republic of Estonia
Published: 10.10.2017
An annual event for the company’s veterans who worked for ESTIKO for 25 years or even longer 
Published: 29.09.2017
Tartu City Government presented the winners of the “Enterprise of the Year 2016”
Published: 12.09.2017
Tartu elected the best enterprises of the year. The title of the enterprise creating the most jobs was awarded to OÜ Lydia Hotell that provided 59 new positions in 2016
Published: 21.04.2017
Tartu Kalev/Estiko in the Saku I league finals
Estonian Basketball Association
Published: 21.04.2016
The new hotel built on Ülikooli street is named Lydia
Published: 25.09.2015
Rafters party at the Ülikooli 14 hotel

Tartu Kalev/Estiko vs Kohila SK/Webware

silver leppik f: aive urberg/Estiko
Published: 22.03.2018
Yesterday, Tartu Kalev/Estiko played on their home court with Kohila SK/Webware and acclaimed 7th position on the leader board with an 87:65 win. The best player was Artur Liiv with 19 points and 13 rebounds, followed by Silver Leppik with 16 points and 11 assists.

“It was the most competitive game of the season,” said head coach Jaanus Liivak. “The team really came together last week when playing against G4S Youth League II and winning 79:77.”

The next game will be held already this Friday 23 March at 7.15 PM at Tartu Basketball School, allowing the team to make quite the rise on the leader board before the start of the play-offs. “I’m glad the games are so close together as we are on a roll,” added Liivak.